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A1 Seawall specializes in sea wall repair, soil stabilization, and dock repair. Seawalls can become distressed and erode over time, and if your seawall has developed issues, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the more expensive the repairs will become. 

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Meg Diaz

A1 Seawall did a great job redoing our dock! Don and Dennis came out the next day after I contacted them and gave me a good price. They were able to get started quickly and finished the job in less than 3 days. We love that we can finally spend time on our dock and I'm happy with how easy it was with A1 Seawall.

Brian De La Torre

Don just left finishing what he thought was as small, easy job. It turned out to be a disaster from the previous fence guy. And let me tell you, he went above and beyond and took way more time than needed because he wanted it done right. He would not nudge on his quality craftsmanship when I said it's ok it's not a big deal. And believe me I told him to skip on a few things and nope. It was done RIGHT. Of course he didn't want to charge me anything more than he quoted me. But he got paid extra for doing it right. This is my new go to guy!!!!

Leonard de Barros

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Don left the seawall like new...super job

Jon Smith

A1 seawall are very prompt and professional! They came in and rescued my seawall in a timely manner ! I would recommend them for all seawall needs !! Best company in south Florida

Kerry T. Bullerdick

Excellent work! They came in with a very fair estimate and the final bill was actually $200 less, I have never experienced that before here in Florida! Don and Dennis completely transformed my "broken down" 50 year old seawall and went far above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for skilled concrete specialists. Dr. Kerry T. Bullerdick, M.D.

Gwen Bard

Fast response and in the ball park estimates...likeable employees. Would recommend them. Quality work.